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    Reduce demand on A&E

    11% reduction in A&E minor attendances and 5% reduction in overall attendances

    Empower patients with choice

    Enables Patients to make informed decisions about their care and be seen faster

    Reduce pressure on overburdened care centres

    Local health economies can utilise WaitLess to reduce the pressure

    Improve standards of care at urgent care

    Supports the reduction of breaches of urgent care targets

    Reduce unnecessary costs

    Limit expenditure through redirection of patients to less expensive care

    Provide detailed pharmacy information

    National pharmacy directory available to download for free to anyone in England

    Create communication channel to patients

    Enables providers to communicate urgent site and service updates, improving patient access, especially during times of national crisis

    This is a great example of the type of innovation that should be offered to every patient as part of our long-term plan for the NHS thing you need for management resourcing all in one place.

    Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

    Tech like WaitLess can help patients with less serious illnesses be seen more quickly

    NHS Medical Director

    A patient-facing app that allows patients to find the quickest, most suitable location for minor injuries and illnesses, based on live waiting time, queue numbers, and travel time information.

    WaitLess is a patient empowerment app that combines live waiting times and queue numbers, with live traffic and travel information within an ICS region, to show the quickest, most suitable location to access treatment for minor illnesss at A&Es, MIUs, UTCs & WICs.

    Reduce demand on overburdened A&E departments

    WaitLess is SHREWD’s urgent care app for patients, for NHS 111 and Ambulance Call Handlers. WaitLess shows the quickest, most suitable location to access treatment for minor emergencies, based on real-time waiting time and live traffic and travel information within a geographic region. The app looks to encourage patients away from overburdened A&E departments, as well as consider underutilised medical services.


    Increase use of underutilised urgent care

    Local health economies can offer WaitLess to patients to reduce pressure on overstretched departments and divert demand to locations with available capacity. By putting live information into patients’ hands, WaitLess enables them to make the best use of available services. This helps both the patient, via a shortened wait time and easier access to appropriate care, and the local health economy, by distributing demand across departments and locations.

    Empower patients with greater choice

    WaitLess presents combined live waiting time for MIUs, UTCs, WICs and EDs, alongside indicative travel time information, based on the app user’s location. All the patient needs to do is download the app. We have recently updated WaitLess with the addition of pharmacies, including a directory of services provided at each facility, as well as opening times and restrictions. Patients now have even more choice and information about what is available to them locally.

    What makes WaitLess different?

    Displays live waiting times across the whole local health economy

    Combines wait time with travel times, based on the users location

    Patients can view live wait times for MIU’s UTC’s, WIC’s and ED’s

    Works across smartphone and tablet

    Web app designed for NHS 111 and Ambulance Call Handlers

    An ROI calculator has been developed by the AHSNs and YHEC report commissioned by the NIA has identified for every £1 spent can save £3.77.

    An 11% reduction in A&E minors attendance

    A 5% reduction on overall attendances