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    Beautiful Information

    Patient Tracking Lists to monitor entire patient pathways

    Beautiful Information offers unique real-time information to NHS organisations to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow.

    Elevate information management

    We have used information tools, and our own understanding of how hospitals work, to develop performance dashboards that give hospital managers and clinicians a real-time view of activity. This has been achieved by adopting elevating Information Management above Information Technology. This means the choice of products from the market does not determine how or what information is collected, analysed and used to make decisions

    Track patient pathways in full

    Beautiful Information’s solutions increase the accessibility of meaningful data, providing oversight of health outcomes across whole pathways – rather than single providers – and tracks the full-pathway costs of these outcomes. By doing so, our solutions tackle the financial imperative of reducing costs – while improving outcomes for a larger and aging population. The first step on this journey is for clinicians to measure and share clinical and patient-centred outcomes with commissioners, managers and patients.

    Integrate primary and secondary care

    By increasing the accessibility of patient-centred outcomes, hospitals can improve cost and quality, as well as create a more equal relationship between patients and health professionals – in which patients will be empowered to make informed care-choices based on data that is meaningful to them. It will also incentivise alignment and integration of health services across health populations, breaking down outdated boundaries between primary and secondary care, or mental and physical health and mend the broken care pathways that patients routinely experience today.

    The Products

    PTLs can be tailored to support your requirements across all operational areas; for example: maternity, cancer care and RTT 18wks.

    Patient Tracking Lists image

    Patient Tracking Lists

    Real-time patient tracking lists to monitor patient journeys from any point of entry through to dishcarge.

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    All the functionality you expect and more

    Track Patients

    Monitor patients from attendance through to discharge.

    Live Patient Data

    Real-time view of patient level data from multiple systems

    Digital Whiteboards

    An intuitive ward display by bay with patient information icons

    EPR / PAS integration

    The Numbers

    Over 2000 active PTL users

    90% of Acute and Ambulance trusts use our Scheduler to submit sitrep data to NHSE

    Over 3 billion health and social care encounters collected in Sussex alone.

    After six months the Patient Tracking List is now a way of life on the wards and we couldn’t live without it

    Daphne Leister, Head of IT Projects

    EPSOM and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust