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    Business processes and compliance management system.

    Why Arena?

    Measure, demonstrate and sustain compliance for an array of regulations

    Demonstrate actions and prevention taken to ensure compliance

    Investigate and resolve incidents quickly and lower risk of re-occurrence

    Improved business efficiency through improved process automation

    Crucial information on your mobile for efficient decision making

    Actionable alerts, highlighting required improvements based on your criteria

    Protect your company’s assets, data and reputation by assessing risk

    Fully integrated compliance software, available anywhere at any time, that provides full visibility across multiple sites and enables easy identification and resolution of areas of risk exposure

    Integrate risk data capture, analysis and improvement

    Arena is a compliance and information management solution, supporting multi-location organisations to streamline management processes, reduce risk and operational costs. From a single access point, you can manage a number of business locations processes, including health and safety; incident response, investigation and reporting, food safety, store inspections and audits. Integrated at every level within your organisation to aggregate important information, ensuring you are always informed for immediate action and long-term planning. Arena is a flexible solution that can be easily tailored to help you meet your statutory requirements and to consistently measure and improve business performance and compliance. Arena also facilitates the management of staff and sites from basic details such as footfall and transaction statistics to detailed information such as alarms, key-holders and contact cascades through to guard KPI’s and links to police crime data.

    Manage incidents in real-time

    From Arena, all accidents, RIDDOR, near misses, injuries and outcomes can be accurately tracked and followed with direct submission to HSE, ensuring compliance with the latest Health & Safety legislation. Capture and analysis also encompass food incident reporting, with real-time recording functions to ensure that your business meets food safety requirements by identifying and resolving issues when they arise – as well as defending claims and reviewing incident outcomes. For serious incident reporting, Arena can be used from any location, using complex and varied rules to automatically grade and prioritise relevant information, while alert and notification functions ensure key personnel are contacted for quick and relevant responses. All such incidents can be managed through case management, so all relevant information relating to an incident, or series of incidents, can be tracked, monitored and brought to completion from a single location.

    Optimise data sharing, reporting and audits

    Through its data sharing capabilities, Arena uses intuitive techniques to help save time in reporting and reducing in-store theft – enabling in-depth analysis on all incidents happening in different locations, so you can sustain a safer store environment for both customer and employees. Arena facilitates clear and organised audits to ensure your organisation is moving in the right direction. Arena audits identify, evaluate and monitor progress of all locations against multiple business performance criteria using dedicated teams or self-audit and identify outcome correlation to advance best practice. To prevent future risks, Arena uses an integrated approach and a clear overview of your operations and processes – storing data in a single, accessible location – promoting a seamless and comprehensive picture to identify trends.

    What makes Arena Different?

    Develop effective mitigation and monitoring activities uncovering critical risks

    Record, track, report and respond to incidents and injuries

    Automated submission of RIDDOR reporting forms and requirements

    Built in automated workflows and configurable reports and dashboards

    Track operational activities, attestations and accountability

    Streamline the planning and execution phases of your audits

    200,000 users

    8,000+ sites worldwide