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    Improving the day-to-day management of paediatric patients with diabetes.

    Why Twinkle?

    Enhanced care delivery

    Provides real-time access to patient and clinical data across the multi-professional care team, enabling better-informed decisions on patient care

    Improved data integration

    Ensures data is available in the right place at the right time, reducing the administrative workload and improving operational efficiencies

    Improved operational efficiencies

    The removal of paper-based notes, the integration with third-party systems and the presentation of relevant data at the point of patient care reduces operational cost and improves multidisciplinary working

    Enhanced patient engagement and awareness

    Delivers tailored clinical and educational data to the patient supporting their care at home and improving patient outcomes

    A reduction in risk

    Enhanced system integration provides the clinical care team with one version of the truth ensuring accurate and effective decisions can be made on the patient care

    Streamlined audits

    Enables key NHS audit requirements can be fulfilled with ease, reducing administrative overheads and ensuring compliance

    Previously, data was just being stored, however Twinkle is more than a database, it’s a live clinical information system. The functionality of being able to access individual patient data, whether recent or historic, and at any time, is proving to be extremely useful for when we review patient care and for the NPDA. Additionally, we are delighted that having Twinkle and digitising our processes has meant that the aim to achieving paperless records throughout the entire Trust is well and truly in sight.

    Dr Parakkal Raffeeq – Consultant Paediatrician

    University Hospitals of North Midlands

    One of the beauties about using Twinkle is that it’s able to collate and collect information required for the NPDA. This system is web based, updates centrally and the system allows us to access the database from anywhere in the hospital. Since we’ve been using Twinkle, it’s been considerably time-saving, it’s allowed us to very quickly share information and allowed us to become much more paper light.

    Dr Justin Warner – Clinical Lead

    NPDA for England and Wales

    Twinkle enables paediatric diabetes teams to improve the delivery of care for patients by aligning responsibilities and coordination of services.

    Integrate paediatric diabetes care

    Improving the day-to-day management of paediatric patients with diabetes, Twinkle provides the multidisciplinary care team with instant access to data. Twinkle integrates with the hospital’s Patient Administration System (PAS) and pathology system to provide nurses, clinicians and dieticians with access to up-to-date and relevant data at the point of patient care, enhancing operational efficiencies, improving interoperability and delivering considerable time savings for clinical and administrative staff.


    Improve care delivery

    Twinkle enables diabetes care teams to improve the delivery of complete care for patients by aligning responsibilities and co-ordinating care services. Twinkle enables the multidisciplinary diabetes care team to easily review vital patient data in a meaningful form, ensuring the optimal delivery of patient care and enhancing patient engagement.

    Manage compliance

    Twinkle’s integrated approach to information processing and recording enables hospitals to satisfy Information Governance requirements and regulations, including the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA) and Best Practice Tariff (BPT). Removing the time-consuming need for staff to collate audit information manually, Twinkle captures data as part of the patient’s care pathway and assisted by on-screen prompts, validations and dashboards, generates audit outputs at the press of a button. Clinical care and operations teams have easy access to performance data that can be used to identify whether patient and hospital targets are being met, including key clinical and performance indicators.  These features enable managers to proactively manage long-term care plans and improve day-to-day patient interactions.

    What makes Twinkle different?

    Twinkle is an essential tool for the management of data required for the Best Practice Tariff and the collection of data for the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit.

    Twinkle enables diabetes teams to improve the delivery of the complete care for patients by aligning responsibilities and co-ordination of services around the patient. Twinkle can link with a hospital’s PAS and pathology system to provide nurses, clinicians and dieticians with the ability to quickly access up to date patient data, appointments and test results.

    Twinkle also delivers a single view of all medical notes and as a result has improved operational efficiencies and interoperability, which results in considerable time savings for staff and better care for patients.

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    Patient and clinical management for paediatric patients

    Comprehensive multi-specialty datasets including diabetes, obesity, podiatry and ophthalmology

    Supports the multidisciplinary care team including clinicians, nursing, dieticians and community care

    Integration with PAS and pathology 

    Specialist diabetes datasets including insulin regimen, pump administration and retinal screening

    Supporting NPDA and BPT audit requirements

    100+ NHS Trusts and Health Boards representing over 150 hospital sites

    750,000+ patients managed

    Over 10 Million diabetes patient episodes processed

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