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    A secure clinical pathway management platform connecting patients, carers, and clinicians

    Empowering and engaging patients in their healthcare journey with immediate access to the best healthcare information, support and tools throughout every step of their pathway.

    Connect patients and clinicians

    MyPathway is a Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) that delivers a digital communication channel to connect patients, carers and healthcare providers via two solutions – the MyPathway Patient App and MyPathway Clinical Portal. The award-winning platform supports a personalised interaction between the patient and clinician, increasing access to care services and providing greater data insight at individual and population levels. The MyPathway clinical pathway management solutions provide enriched patient data to support enhanced decision-making and improved clinical outcomes, whilst reducing clinical and operational administration. 

    Support all patient pathways

    By creating digital pathways for essential health and care services, MyPathway is supporting hospitals to redefine their patient engagement approach, improve the patient experience and deliver better clinical outcomes. MyPathway is often used to improve patient interactions during treatment for long-term conditions, in areas including musculoskeletal, chronic pain, motor neurone disease and rheumatological conditions. MyPathway also supports timely communications in shorter pathways (shorter-term conditions), such as physiotherapy or orthopaedic surgery, releasing clinical capacity for patients requiring face-to-face hospital appointments.

    Improve patient communication

    Integrated, automated pathways release clinical time and provide patients with an elevated experience and improved access to care and information. For example, by integrating with the hospital’s PAS for events in the patient’s journey, messages, questionnaires, and resources can be sent automatically at the right moment to the patient via the MyPathway Patient App. By improving communication channels with patients, MyPathway supports hospitals in reducing DNA (Did Not Attend) rates. In the MyPathway Clinical Portal, data can be viewed at patient, pathway, service, and population levels to support strategic decision-making and service improvements to be based on fine-grained data which has been gathered directly from patients.

    The Products

    MyPathway Patient App

    Delivers a personalised, digital interaction between patients and clinicians.

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    MyPathway Clinical Portal

    A single solution for all patient engagement, communication and analytics across multiple clinical pathways.

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    All the functionality you expect and more

    PAS / EPR Integration

    PAS / EPR integration prevents double data entry

    Patients submit data

    Enable patients to submit key readings to their care team (e.g., oxygen levels, blood pressure or blood sugar levels)

    View real-time data

    Real-time graph views of key markers enable clinicians to identify trends over time


    Manage large patient cohorts

    Advanced search, filter, and bulk operations simplify the management of large cohorts of patients

    Activate and empower patients

    Empower patients to request a follow-up appointment when necessary (PIFU)

    Multiple communication channels

    Enable patients to receive, view and download their hospital letters instantly, alongside questionnaires, messages and educational resources  


    The Numbers

    19% reduction in a MSK pathway waiting list 

    88% attendance rate for patients triaged to a telephone appointment

    1.7% DNA (Did Not Attend) rate for a virtual appointment pathway