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    Intouch with Health

    Manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care 

    The award-winning Intouch Platform integrates with hospital systems to support coordinated and efficient outpatient flow.

    Optimise outpatient flow

    The Intouch Platform supports NHS Acute trusts to manage entire patient journeys and optimise outpatient flow across all appointment types – face-to-face hospital appointments, virtual (video or telephone) appointments or remote appointments in the community. The platform integrates with the hospital’s PAS / EPR, supporting a joined-up approach to patient-centred care and optimised workstreams, as previously isolated processes become connected in a seamless manner. As a result of this integration, the entire patient journey can be mapped and recorded digitally from arrival to discharge, with all information visible and accessible across the hospital to relevant staff. Patient-facing solutions, including mobile and kiosk self-check-in solutions,

    Empower and activate patients

    Utilising freestanding kiosks or their mobile phone, patients can self-check in at the hospital, reducing the need for reception staff to manually check patients in for their appointment. Patients can also be flagged ahead of time to alert staff if they require additional special services / support, such as chaperoning or translation services. Patients answer set questions to authenticate their identity and match them to their pre-booked appointment, their status is then automatically updated to ‘arrived’ on the hospital’s patient administration system (PAS) and the Flow Manager dashboard. Intouch’s digital check-in kiosks have an average patient self-check-in rate of 80%, which reduce queues at reception, releasing staff time and saving patients an average 4.5 minutes during check-in. This process receives, on average, over 85% positive feedback from patients.

    Improve operational efficiency

    Intelligently book and manage clinic rooms and room resources with real-time visibility and dedicated communication channels to maximise clinic room usage. Schedule patient activities and tests in advance of their appointment to reduce the average appointment time by 35 minutes. Once the appointment is finished, appointment outcomes can be captured digitally, automatically trigging the next steps, such as a follow-up appointment. On average, payment for outpatient procedures equates to 18% of an NHS Trust’s overall income. However, it is estimated that up to 10% of this is lost as a direct result of incomplete or misplaced paper outcome forms. Using Intouch’s PAS / EPR integrated digital outcomes form, every appointment outcome can be captured accurately and efficiently, preventing income loss.

    The Products

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    Flow Manager

    The central patient flow dashboard at the heart of the Intouch Platform

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    Enable patients to self-check in for their appointment using a freestanding kiosk

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    Replace paper forms by digitally recording patient appointment outcomes

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    Room & Resource Manager

    Intelligently book and manage clinic rooms and room resources

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    Virtual Clinics

    PAS / EPR integrated video and phone consultation management

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    Mobile Appointment Manager

    Enable patients to self-check in for their appointment using their mobile phone

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    Activity Manager

    Plan, monitor and manage patient activities and tests on a digital dashboard

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    Digital maps that help patients navigate their way around the hospital

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    Arrive non-appointed patient attendances via interactive kiosks

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    Connect patients and hospital visitors to the hospital’s centrally organised reception team

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    Performance Manager

    Support the monitoring and pro-active management of services, in line with KPIs

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    All the functionality you expect and more

    PAS / EPR integration

    Integration enhances coordination of care and streamlines processes

    Centralised patient management

    Manage all appointment types, (face-to-face, virtual and remote) all on one centralised dashboard utilising live data

    Improve the patient experience

    Optimise processes to reduce the average time of an outpatient appointment

    Release staff time

    Pre-planned workstreams and automated functionality releases staff time

    Reduce lost income

    Capture all appointment outcomes digitally, helping to recover previously lost hospital income 

    Net Zero

    Support NHS Net Zero targets by reducing the environmental and financial impact of paper processes

    Improve communication channels

    Call patients through to their appointment / clinic via wall mounted screens and communicate clinic delays

    Support staff

    Automated alerts to notify staff of when patients require additional support (visually impaired/ interpreter required).

    The Numbers

    Processes approximately 56% of all outpatient attendances in the UK

    Check-in process receives an average 85% positive feedback from patients

    31% increase in income since recording appointment outcomes digitally

    Expanding the use of the Intouch Platform to our hospitals in Bournemouth and Christchurch will allow our staff to manage each stage of the patient journey from a single location. They can quickly see which patients have arrived, which have not checked-in, if each patient is in the appropriate waiting room, if they have been called to see the clinician and when they have finished seeing the clinician.

    Staff Member

    Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals

    Our staff also benefit from being able to plan a patient’s appointment in advance, creating pre-planned workstreams via Activity Manager, to ensure their time with us is efficient and as stress-free as possible. We’re pleased to replicate the digital patient flow pathways currently used at Poole to Bournemouth and Christchurch, which will provide greater consistency in our processes, as well as additional system integration benefits.

    Michele Roberts

    Directorate Manager, Outpatient Department

    University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

    A quick check-in process with no queues and clear instructions on where to wait, followed by discreet, clear instructions when the clinician is ready to see the patient makes a huge difference to their overall experience. Many patients have already commented on how easy and straight forward the process is. The technology is helping us operate much more efficient clinics. Staff are notified of a patient’s arrival on the live dashboard and can see which clinic they are attending and which waiting room they have been directed to. Staff know where each patient is and are able to call them forward using the digital screens in that location.

    Jeni Bradshaw

    Digital Programme Manager

    The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust