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    Virtual Clinics

    The fully PAS / EPR integrated video and phone consultation solution. Streamlines processes for clinicians and consolidates the management of virtual patients alongside physical patients. 

    Why Virtual Clinics?

    Centralise clinic activities

    Manage all clinic types – face-to-face, video and phone appointments in one integrated platform

    Standardise appointment management

    Consolidate processes – reducing data duplication, saving time and releasing cost savings


    An auditable environment

    Record appointment start and finish times to ensure an exact record of clinic activities


    An intuitive management system

    Time stamps and colour codes create an intuitive and visually accessible dashboard for clinicians

    Improve the patient experience

    Standardised and recorded processes ensures that clinicians and patients are always working from the same schedules 

    We will deploy the fully PAS integrated Virtual Clinics solution so that each clinician can manage video and face-to-face patient consultations from one place regardless of where they are located across the hospital group. Full integration will be key to managing video consultations across our seven sites. Going forward, virtual consultations will help reduce the requirement for patients to attend hospital for their consultation, in turn giving them much greater convenience over their appointments while improving their overall experience and maintaining open lines of communication with their clinician. We will also be able to improve the experience for long-term-care patients by pro-actively managing them in their homes, improving levels of communication, while at the same time reducing pressure on clinicians and Trust resources.

    Jonathan Lofthouse – Site Chief Executive

    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust C

    Manage virtual appointment pathways as comprehensively as face-to-face appointment pathways.

    Integrate video and phone consultation processes

    Virtual Clinics connects clinicians and patients virtually, removing the requirement for patients to attend hospital for their clinic appointment / consultation. Virtual Clinics enables clinicians to plan, conduct and record virtual (phone and video) appointment activity, ensuring virtual appointments do not operate in silo. As with face-to-face appointments, staff can access patient and appointment information and submit patient outcomes in one place – creating a centralised and streamlined process. Virtual Clinics is designed to fully integrate into hospital PAS / EPR systems and already integrates with many leading video and softphone solutions deployed across the NHS.

    Streamline virtual clinic processes

    Using Virtual Clinics, clinicians can manage video and phone consultations as efficiently and comprehensively as face-to-face appointments. By clicking the video or phone, Virtual Clinics will automatically open the video / softphone solution and connect the clinician with the patient. Video patients will be waiting in a virtual waiting room for the clinician – making the most efficient use of clinician time – while phone patients will be called automatically using the phone number in the system. 

    Create a fully auditable trail 

    All consultations are time-allocated and colour coded to indicate their status, providing a consolidated and visually intuitive interface for appointment management. This ensures clinicians can manage their workflows easily, in an auditable environment. Once appointments are finished, the system records the consultation finish time and makes provision for clinicians to record any notes, actions and arrange follow-up appointments.

    What makes Virtual Clinics different?

    Virtual Clinics integrates with many leading video solutions already deployed across the NHS and international healthcare systems, realising significant operational and clinical benefits by consolidating and automating processes – including patient authentication during the check-in process – due to PAS / EPR integration. 

    From one single patient flow dashboard, clinicians can manage all virtual consultations (video and phone appointments) as efficiently as face-to-face appointments can be managed – including real-time visibility on which patients have checked-in and are ready to be seen, which are late, and which
    appointments have been completed. 

    When Virtual Clinics is deployed alongside Intouch with Health’s Flow Manager solution, clinicians can manage all clinic types (face-to-face, video and phone appointments) from one cohesive dashboard, using filters to customise patient lists as required. 

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    Integration between EPR / PAS and the video / softphone solution already deployed at the hospital

    Patient authentication is achieved via an automated, integrated check-in process (depending on the video provider)

    The authenticated check-in process protects the service from unauthorised access (depending on the video provider)

    The check-in process automatically flows patients into the appropriate virtual waiting room

    Virtual Clinics is easily scalable – designed for both rapid deployment and as a long-term care management solution

    Rapid, remote deployment is available (providing the hospital’s technical infrastructure meets the minimum requirements)

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