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    Whether you're just starting your professional career or you're looking for something different, our supportive staff members and library of learning resources will help support you to take the next step.


    In the fast paced and constantly evolving health sector, it's essential that VitalHub UK is always at the forefront of the next development. VitalHub UK will support you to take on each new challenge with confidence.


    Colleagues at VitalHub UK are always on hand to lend their support. Our close-knit teams provide a work environment that makes collaborating on projects inspiring and social events unforgettable moments.

    Who We Are

    VitalHub UK is a highly skilled and fast-growing health technology company.

    We pioneer innovative solutions that span primary care, elective care and workforce management to improve care services through increased operational efficiency and to enable more coordinated, continuous and safer care.

    Our talented teams work knowing our solutions result in improved healthcare services, that work for medical practitioners, managerial staff and, most of all, patients.



    Life at VitalHub

    Working at VitalHub UK offers an opportunity to learn at the forefront of one of the most innovative and fastest evolving industries.

    At VitalHub UK, we look to harness the best out of our people. Working for us will give you the chance to develop your career alongside ambitious and motivated colleagues, with a wealth of experience.

    Work at VitalHub UK is never the same. With constantly evolving solutions, across all areas of the healthcare environment, you will be continuously confronted with new challenges to hone your skills and test your abilities.

    We welcome candidates from all backgrounds to VitalHub UK. Our innovative solutions reflect the diversity of attributes, thought and experience of our people.

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    Our Values


    We strive to demonstrate honesty and transparency in everything we do


    We believe in the power of working together to drive success


    We promote a culture of empathy and understanding across our business


    We consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations


    We pioneer new and innovative technologies to improve healthcare

    Our Careers


    Send us your CV and a covering letter via email so we can get started!

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    This will be an opportunity to learn if the role is right for you and for us to have an initial conversation

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    The first interview will assess whether your core skills and experience match with the role on offer

    Round Two

    In the second interview, we'll be looking to understand your skillset and experience at a deeper level


    The final stage will consist of a presentation style interview, so you can give us a display of your skills in a given task

    Job Offer

    Once successful, we'll give you a call and begin the process for onboarding you into the team!

    Alex's Career Story

    My time at VitalHub UK has been amazing! Starting as a Junior Designer at Hicom and progressing through to Design Coordinator, VitalHub UK has encouraged my professional growth through numerous projects and self-guided training, whilst supporting me at every turn.

    I’ve had the chance to work across many projects, helping design and implement user interfaces for an array of clients.

    My favorite aspect about my role is the variety of projects available – I never get bored! Whether I’m designing a compelling video for an event, or creating a new mobile interface for a diabetes management platform, I am always kept on my toes and receiving new opportunities to develop my skills and career.

    Ellen's Career Story

    Coming from a completely different industry, I began my first role as a Support Officer, where I created user accounts for customers and learned the fundamentals of system configuration and problem solving. Since then, I have progressed to Delivery Business Analyst, where the skills that I learned in the support team are still vital, but I have more direct time with our customers.

    The role is challenging but rewarding, especially when you see the data start to flow and the colours in the SHREWD interface bringing everything to life! That’s my favourite part of a deployment.

    My favourite things about working for VitalHub UK are firstly, the people. We are so lucky to have such motivated people in our teams, the desire to make a difference across all teams is inspiring. Secondly, the industry that I came from was very closed in, I didn’t really have a voice and my hard work was never recognised, so to now work for a company where my views and ideas are listened to and implemented is like a breath of fresh air!

    Starting out in my professional career, VitalHub UK has been a fantastic place to learn from experienced minds in an exciting and fast changing sector. Working alongside committed and knowledgeable colleagues has been a source of inspiration and confidence, both in my work and beyond! Knowing the work I'm doing is helping contribute to solutions at the forefront of improving patient care is a feeling that underpins everything we're doing as a team and I know is always in the minds of my colleagues the business.

    Hugo Vincent | Marketing Assistant

    With the ease of the forms being at your fingertips it gives us more time with the patient.


    Care continuity is something that we’ve seen hugely improve since using Diamond in the community setting. Addressing the hospital/community divide through achieving one system, one shared record across both settings means that care can be commenced in the hospital and followed up in the community as the patient record is accessible to all professionals working with that patient. That also means that the patient doesn’t need to repeat their medical history and medication over and over again – a relief for many and peace of mind that their data is available and accurate.

    Bernie McDonnell, Integrated Diabetes Care Clinical Nurse Specialist