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    Align disparate recruitment processes and streamline applications.

    Why Pathway?

    Save time for applicants & administrators by streamlining recruitment/selection processes

    Reduction in administrative overhead

    Improved applicant communication

    Improved business efficiency through process automation

    Improved access to data for management and performance reporting

    Self-service reporting

    Pathway manages the recruitment, validation, tracking and matching of individuals to roles and the ongoing certification of the professional workforce.

    Centralise and digitise the recruitment process

    Pathway manages medical, dental, public health, academic, pre-registration pharmacy and healthcare science recruitment programmes and placement activities carried out by offices in England, NHS Education Scotland, the Wales Deanery, the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency, the National School of Healthcare Science and various Royal Colleges. Although initially developed to support the recruitment and selection of healthcare professionals, Pathway is highly configurable and capable of managing large-scale or complex recruitment, selection and placement matching activities in any market sector.

    Configure the recruitment process to your needs

    Through Pathway, users can configure the recruitment process from start to finish, providing functions for advert creation and publishment in a tailored national or local recruitment programme. These custom programmes can be set up for long-listing, short-listing, self-assessment or selection centres – with customised application forms. Functionality also extends to choreography of the interview environment, allowing for venue and facility management, scheduling, creation of interview scoring criteria and systems for interviewee self-booking functions. The process for selection can also be configured to user specifications – with systems for candidate ranking and rules based allocation – to ensure streamlined shortlisting and selection.

    Elevate the recruitment experience

    Pathway enhances the user experience for applicants, assessors, referees and employers. From an intuitive dashboard, applicants can access all available online programmes, with the additional feature of preference ranking, and benefit from the document upload facilities and view their progress – with the built-in progress tracker. Assessors can access score applications and have access to support for vertical or horizontal scoring shortlisting, with the flexibility to perform tasks online or offline. Referees are linked into the system via email – with responses seamlessly integrated into the system.

    What makes it different?

    Online application management: applicant preferences, communications and application tracking

    Credentialing and validation of applications through different workflows

    Customisable application forms and self-assessment questionnaires

    Rule builder enabling automated long-listing, flagging and processing of applications

    Horizontal or vertical online shortlisting

    Interview and assessment management including choose and book options

    22,000 trainees

    50,000 applications

    1,500 employers