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    Integrate multi-disciplinary diabetes care management with access to real-time patient information at the point of patient care, enhancing and improving patient interaction and ensuring optimal care delivery.

    Why Diamond?

    Enhanced care delivery

    Provides real-time access to patient and clinical data across the multi-professional care team, enabling better-informed decisions on patient care

    Improved data integration

    Ensures data is available in the right place at the right time, reducing the administrative workload and improving operational efficiencies

    Improved operational efficiencies

    The removal of paper-based notes, the integration with third-party systems and the presentation of relevant data at the point of patient care reduces operational cost and improves multidisciplinary working

    Enhanced patient engagement and awareness

    Delivers tailored clinical and educational data to the patient supporting their care at home and improving patient outcomes

    A reduction in risk

    Enhanced system integration provides the clinical care team with one version of the truth ensuring accurate and effective decisions can be made on the patient care

    Streamlined audits

    Enables key NHS audit requirements can be fulfilled with ease, reducing administrative overheads and ensuring compliance

    Care continuity is something that we’ve seen hugely improve since using Diamond in the community setting. Addressing the hospital/community divide through achieving one system, one shared record across both settings means that care can be commenced in the hospital and followed up in the community as the patient record is accessible to all professionals working with that patient. That also means that the patient doesn’t need to repeat their medical history and medication over and over again – a relief for many and peace of mind that their data is available and accurate.

    Bernie McDonnell, Integrated Diabetes Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

    The implementation of the Diamond solution has meant that the community offering has been straightforward and helped patients to receive the care they need, closer to home. For example, in circumstances when there may be patients who would normally attend the complex foot clinic in the hospital, but can’t because of Covid and their aversion to attending hospital, they can simply see the podiatrist in the community setting as the clinician has access to all the patient data they need. The clinician can upload a photo and their thoughts and seek recommendations from the hospital team but without the patient having to travel to the hospital.

    Professor Sean Dinneen, Consultant Endocrinologist and local lead

    Enhanced Community Care Programme

    The efficiencies that come from having full digital visibility of patient data in one interface has been invaluable. With Diamond, we have seen significant time savings and a vast increase in data accuracy. Data can be viewed electronically from primary care centres as well as within the hospital environment, negating the need for clinicians to transport cumbersome case files around with them. Diamond provides the ability to pull across the full history of the patient’s data from their paediatric record automatically, giving clinicians the reassurance that they have the right information and the patient peace of mind that they don’t have to start from scratch and repeat themselves, which increases the chances of key information being missed.

    Stephanie Tarpey – Clinical Systems Team Manager

    Northern Care Alliance

    Designed to support multi-disciplinary teams, Diamond provides access to real-time patient information at the point of patient care, enhancing and improving patient interaction and ensuring optimal care delivery.

    Integrate multidisciplinary care

    Diamond is a platform of digital tools that provides access to real-time patient data for multidisciplinary diabetes teams, improving patient-clinician interaction and supporting the optimal delivery of patient care. Diamond manages paediatric and adult diabetes patients, enabling a smooth transition between the two services. Utilised as a specialist Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Diamond consolidates clinical data into one single view that allows all departments to access information on patients with diabetes. By integrating patient information into one centralised platform, the multi-professional diabetes care team can be confident that they have access to accurate and complete data on the patient so they can make safer and better-informed decisions on their care.  Using a number of tools to support patient education, Diamond can improve patient awareness and support patient care outside of the traditional hospital environment, helping patients to control their condition and improving patient outcomes.


    Optimise diabetes care

    Diamond integrates with the Trust’s Patient Administration Systems (PAS), pathology and letter management systems, supporting hospitals move away from paper-based diabetes records and helping them achieve significant operational and cost efficiencies.  Seamless links between Diamond and PAS ensures that accurate patient and appointment data is available to the diabetes care team without transcription, improving the patient check-in experiences and reducing appointment errors.  With links to pathology services, Diamond also provides clinicians, nurses and dieticians with access to up-to-date lab results as soon as they are available, saving time and allowing diabetes professionals to deliver more efficient and effective care to their patients.  Integration between Diamond and other hospital services provides a holistic view of the patient’s clinical care record, delivering a single source of truth for the healthcare team.

    Diamond Diabetes Audit Extract

    Manage compliance requirements

    In addition to helping save administrative and clinical time, a reduction in the potential for human error and an improvement in data quality, Diamond’s integrated approach to information processing enables hospitals to collect and manage data in a way that satisfies Information Governance, regulatory and service requirements.  Using data captured as part of the patient’s care pathway, and assisted by on-screen prompts, validations and dashboards, Diamond can generate the required outputs for the National Diabetes Audit (NDA), the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA) and the Paediatric Best Practice Tariff (BPT). These features improve data accuracy and significantly reduce the administrative overhead of having to collate and provide audit data to the regulators, freeing time for front-line staff.

    What makes Diamond different?

    Diamond is a single care system that manages paediatric and adult diabetes patients enabling a smooth transition between the two.

    Utilised as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Diamond consolidates data from multiple sources into one single view that allows all departments to access information on diabetic patients. This helps Trusts to move towards a paper-light process and enables clinicians to easily see what information must be submitted for auditing purposes, through the use of data indicators.

    Diamond supports medical professionals to accurately capture, record and report on a wide range of patient data, improving patient care and the ability to satisfy a number of Information Governance requirements and regulations.

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    Patient and clinical management for adult and paediatric patients 

    Comprehensive multi-specialty datasets including diabetes, obesity and ophthalmology

    Support multi-disciplinary care teams including clinicians, nurses, dieticians and community care

    Integrates with PAS, pathology, document management and data warehouse

    Specialist diabetes datasets including insulin regimen, pump administration and retinal screening

    Supporting NDA, NPDA and BPT audit requirements

    100+ NHS Trusts and Health Boards representing over 150 hospital sites

    750,000+ patients managed

    Over 10 Million diabetes patient episodes processed

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