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    How we support NHS organisations to resolve the challenges within specific areas of healthcare

    Our Approach

    VitalHub UK is a leading health-tech company, combining 9 of the UK’s leading digital health brands, with a collective of over 160 years of experience in collaborating with the NHS, to co-design, develop and deploy expert patient flow solutions. 

    We work with the NHS to improve care services, achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, and enable more coordinated, continuous, and ultimately safer care for patients.

    Patient Flow

    Coordinate the movement of patients through the whole health system to optimise outcomes, improve services and enhance quality of care. 

    Utilising real-time data, advancing models of care, and cross-system working, our products enable improved and more effective care from point of admission to point of discharge, and out in to the wider community, delivering the prescriptive intelligence required to better coordinate and streamline patient flow.

    • Improve patient flow across planned and unplanned care
    • Reduce delays and waiting times for patients
    • Enhance the patient experience through remote care/provision
    • Save staff time and money through efficient process & flow management

    Demand & Capacity

    Prepare for and respond to demand by utilising all available capacity across any geographical area, with open and transparent sharing of data across whole-health systems, whilst also supporting social distancing and infection prevention measures. 

    From resource planning and whole-system visibility to clinical utilisation reviews and mutual aid transfers, our solutions can support surge and escalation planning from departmental to regional levels with tools to help load balance across departments, providers, and boarders. 

    • Monitor demand in real time
    • Predict surges to plan and resource
    • Reduce delays and waiting times for patients
    • Reduce breaches of targets

    Perioperative Care

    Manage the perioperative process from digital pre-operative assessment, through to bed utilisation and post-operative review.  

    Reduce waitlist backlogs by increasing patient throughput to theatre and optimising all available capacity, whilst reducing cancellation rates, and delivering improved patient and economic outcomes.

    • Reduce on-the-day cancellations
    • Increase pre-op capacity
    • Empower patients to manage care from home
    • Fast identification of fit-for-surgery patients

    Operational Management

    Optimise operational excellence and staff workstreams, from departmental to regional level, to streamline patient flow and facilitate the provision of safer, more effective care for patients. 

    Our suite of real-time digital solutions offers the strategic perspective required to effectively manage operational performance and clinical delivery, ensuring coordinated, consistent, and integrated care.

    • Enable whole system command centres
    • Create a strategical overview of pressure and flow
    • Single version of the truth in planned and unplanned care
    • Empower an integrated, tactical operational approach

    Patient Activity

    Empower patients to become more activated and engaged in their personal care journey, through the use of apps, portals and clinic management tools. 

    Support patients remotely through a range of digital tools that allow them to send and receive bespoke and automated communications, complete online questionnaires, manage their personal care records, and access live urgent care wait-time information.

    • Empower patients to manage their care
    • Support PIFU targets
    • Save time and improve outcomes
    • Reduce DNA rate 

    Discharge Management

    From clinical utilisation review to patient tracking lists, our solutions ensure care delivery is optimised to offer the most appropriate levels of care for patients.

    By determining, at an organisational scale, if resources and services are being utilised efficiently, our solutions will monitor patient journeys from any point of entry through to discharge, establishing whether care levels are appropriate for patients and monitoring next steps.

    • Identify increased numbers of medically fit for discharge patients 
    • Ensure appropriate care delivery to improve outcomes
    • Reduce length of stay and stranded patients
    • Reduce unnecessary admissions through appropriate care provision

    Data & Analytics

    Collate and review healthcare performance and governance information, and analyse trends and variation in historic data to predict demand, supporting health and social care teams to deliver safer patient care.

    Through real-time data sharing and reporting, we help teams to identify and collect that data which will allow them to create daily, rapid interventions to deliver results quickly, creating improvement which can be measured, monitored and managed in real time.

    • Data sharing to improve operational performance 
    • Real time diagnosis of system flow issues
    • Rapid performance stabilisation and daily prediction ability
    • Cost efficiency identification, planning and implementation

    Mental Health

    Support the mental health crisis care pathway from point of referral, for Mental Health Act assessment to admission to hospital and beyond.

    Our wider toolkit enables data sharing and review for Mental Health care providers, helping to monitor demand and capacity of mental health beds, and supporting Mental Trusts and staff to improve crisis care for citizens.

    • Improve crisis care for citizens in need
    • Reduce delays in accessing Mental Health care support
    • Enable AMHPs to efficiently organise MHA Assessment teams
    • Enable access to live MH beds across a geographical footprint