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    A multi-industry data automation, collation and transformation platform

    Innovative, flexible and secure solutions that support business automation, with expertise in healthcare, government, retail, hospitality, law enforcement, manufacturing and commerce.

    Data integration and centralisation

    Supporting over 200 clients worldwide, Hicom deploys data integration and centralisation solutions for clinical and patient care, workforce management, health & safety, compliance management, business automation, recruitment, and more. Solving complex business challenges through technical expertise and delivering comprehensive software applications is at the core of the Hicom suite of solutions.

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    Patient and clinical Diabetes care

    Our Diamond and Twinkle modules provide digital tools that collate and display core data in a standardised format for multidisciplinary diabetes teams, improving interaction and enabling access to patient information in real-time for both adult and paediatric care. The system operates as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System – providing a single source of truth using real-time data – saving time, reducing human error and duplications. Both Diamond and Twinkle integrate with our My Pathway platform.

    Manage workforce, risk and compliance

    Our solutions support business transformation, process alignment, business analysis, integration, and training, across public sector workforce and other industry sectors. We use powerful technology to enable integration of all aspects of workforce information into centralised data repositories, supporting the full life-cycle of planning, training, deployment and management, as well as supporting multi-location organisations to streamline management processes, reduce risk and minimise operational costs.

    The Products


    Align disparate recruitment processes and streamline applications.

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    Leave Manager

    Automating and simplifying the Leave Management process.

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    Course Manager

    Improving course management, performance and attendance.

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    Business processes and compliance management system.

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    Digital platform designed to manage the training, education and ongoing career progression of the public sector workforce.

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    Improving the day-to-day management of paediatric patients with diabetes by aligning responsibilities and coordination of services.

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    Integrate multi-disciplinary diabetes care management with access to real-time patient information at the point of patient care, enhancing and improving patient interaction and ensuring optimal care delivery.

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    All the functionality you expect and more

    Medical workforce and training management

    Manage the training, education and ongoing career progression of the public sector workforce

    Adult and Paediatric Diabetes Management

    Supports multi-disiplinary teams through real-time access to patient information

    Recruitment, selection and accreditation of the healthcare workforce

    Align disparate recruitment processes and streamline applications

    The Numbers

    35,000 patients managed

    44,000 active users

    Over 6 million episodes of care

    Care continuity is something that we’ve seen hugely improve since using Diamond in the community setting. Addressing the hospital/community divide through achieving one system, one shared record across both settings means that care can be commenced in the hospital and followed up in the community as the patient record is accessible to all professionals working with that patient. That also means that the patient doesn’t need to repeat their medical history and medication over and over again – a relief for many and peace of mind that their data is available and accurate.

    Bernie McDonnell, Integrated Diabetes Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

    The implementation of the Diamond solution has meant that the community offering has been straightforward and helped patients to receive the care they need, closer to home. For example, in circumstances when there may be patients who would normally attend the complex foot clinic in the hospital, but can’t because of Covid and their aversion to attending hospital, they can simply see the podiatrist in the community setting as the clinician has access to all the patient data they need. The clinician can upload a photo and their thoughts and seek recommendations from the hospital team but without the patient having to travel to the hospital.

    Professor Sean Dinneen, Consultant Endocrinologist and local lead

    Enhanced Community Care Programme

    The efficiencies that come from having full digital visibility of patient data in one interface has been invaluable. With Diamond, we have seen significant time savings and a vast increase in data accuracy. Data can be viewed electronically from primary care centres as well as within the hospital environment, negating the need for clinicians to transport cumbersome case files around with them. Diamond provides the ability to pull across the full history of the patient’s data from their paediatric record automatically, giving clinicians the reassurance that they have the right information and the patient peace of mind that they don’t have to start from scratch and repeat themselves, which increases the chances of key information being missed.

    Stephanie Tarpey – Clinical Systems Team Manager

    Northern Care Alliance