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    Unplanned Care

    Proactively respond to fluctuations in flow pressure through real-time visibility, demand and capacity management and strategic operational overview.

    A unique portfolio of data visualisation tools to manage demand and utilise capacity in UEC.

    Prepare for and respond to demand by utilising all available capacity across any geographical area, with open and transparent sharing of data across whole-health systems.

    From resource planning and whole-system visibility to clinical utilisation reviews and mutual aid transfers, our solutions can support surge and escalation planning from departmental to regional levels with tools to help load balance across departments, providers, and boarders.

    • Whole system command centres Combine real-time data and patient tracking to create centralised visibility
    • Strategic overview of pressure and flow Enable live operational oversight of multiple providers across the wider infrastructure
    • Improve patient outcomes Reduce delays and waiting times for patients
    • Enhanced operational performance Enable mutual aid transfers to promote an integrated, tactical operational approach

    Award-winning Solutions for Unplanned Care

    Demand & Capacity Visibility

    A live operational management platform that provides instant visibility of whole system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care.

    Patient Tracking Lists

    A unique real-time solution to help plan and resource clinical services and meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow, including patient tracking lists to monitorpatient.

    Clinical Decision Support

    A clinical decision support solution that optimises the delivery of patient-centred medical, surgical, and mental-health care.

    Reporting Platform

    A specialist solution to collate and review healthcare performance information, supporting health and social care teams to deliver safer patient care.