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    Improving course management, performance and attendance.

    Why Course Manager?

    Measure, demonstrate and sustain compliance for an array of regulations

    Reduction in administrative overhead

    Reduction in the cost of administering courses

    Improved business efficiency through process automation

    Better access to courses, improving the overall quality of training

    Revenue generation opportunities

    Improved communication between course organisers, providers and candidates

    Improved access to data for management and performance reporting

    A unified platform of digital tools designed specifically to support the course management of medical workforces.

    Centralise course management

    A course management solution that provides facilities for course organisers to develop and publish courses and events online, with candidates able to search and book courses that meet their specific needs and track and maintain a log of their training activities. Course Manager’s flexibility supports any large-scale course provider and can easily be tailored to different industry sectors and services. Course Manager provides support for course organisers, administrators, speakers, event planners, facilities managers and course candidates. Course Manager permits users to manage every aspect of the delivery of courses from budget allocation, course planning, facilities preparations through to attendance, payment and evaluation.

    Course management – Attendance, event management

    Course Manager facilitates event management, providing functionality for organisers to customise and arrange events to their specifications. These management functions include the organising of room configurations, arranging and allocating material and equipment, room selection and availability management. The system also uses automatic functions to alert organisers to recognised conflicts. The attendance to events can also be managed via Course Manager, allowing for a digitised and streamlined experience for organisers and attendees. Course Manager allows for the online booking of attendees, self-registered or proxy-booked, in addition to waiting list allocation and data collection for interest in future courses.

    Evaluation – Reporting, analysis and finance

    To promote continuous improvement, course Manager has automated distributions of evaluations. With a user-designed ‘question bank’, custom questionnaires can be created and distributed to gage the success of courses with internal calculation and analysis of feedback. The system also provides comprehensive fixed performance and operations reports, with capabilities to produce – to user-defined specifications – queries, reports , outputs and graphs. These can all be shared, in chosen formats, to relevant staff. Course Manager also provides support for finance, facilitating budget control parameters, course expense management and displays income against course and budget.

    What makes it Different?

    Develop and publish courses and associated events

    Manage course providers, speakers, events, facilities and equipment

    Control costs including contributions, sponsorships and fees

    Devolve administration of courses to course providers

    Online application management including choose and book

    Track course attendance and complete online evaluations

    2,000+ administrative Users

    40,000 self-service Users