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    Operational Management

    Balancing demand and capacity pressure is an ever-increasing challenge, causing blockages across all areas of care.
    How can we resolve this?

    A range of digital solutions to support elective care pathways.

    A collection of patient flow solutions designed for elective services, supporting hospitals to manage entire patient workflows, optimise outpatient care, digitise pre-operative assessments, reduce waiting lists and delays, monitor and communicate with patients remotely, and track patients from point of referral to discharge. 

    • Reduce delays and waiting times for patients Create pre-planned workstreams to optimise operational efficiency
    • Enhance the patient experience Activate and empower patients to manage their care remotely
    • Remove bottlenecks in the patient pathway Utilise real-time data visibility to review early warnings of pressure
    • Optimise the pre-op assessment process Reduce risk and cancellation rates, maximise theatre utilisation

    Demand & Capacity Visibility

    A live operational management platform that provides instant visibility of whole system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care.

    Patient Tracking Lists

    A unique real-time solution to help plan and resource clinical services and meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow, including patient tracking lists to monitorpatient.

    Diabetes Care Management

    Digital systems to improve patient and clinical care, health & safety, workforce and compliance management and specialist recruitment.

    Clinical Decision Support

    A clinical decision support solution that optimises the delivery of patient-centred medical, surgical, and mental-health care.

    Reporting Platform

    A specialist solution to collate and review healthcare performance information, supporting health and social care teams to deliver safer patient care.