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    Statutory Mental Health Act Forms

    Electronic Statutory MHA forms to help mental health professionals efficiently complete MHA processes, leaving them more time to focus on supporting people subject to the MHA and their human rights.

    Improved accuracy

    Electronic forms reduce the risk of errors, invalid detentions and repeat MHA assessments

    Improved scrutiny

    The quality of medical recommendations improves, and scrutiny is easier and quicker

    Increased productivity

    AMHPs’ productivity increases as they are no longer travelling between professionals to amend forms

    Secure patient information

    Securely and centrally saved electronic forms mitigates the risk of lost paperwork

    Greater focus on patients and their rights

    Efficient administrative processes gives professionals more time to focus on patients and their rights 

    Environmental benefits

    Digitising the process supports ‘Delivering a net zero NHS’ ambitions 

    With the ease of the forms being at your fingertips it gives us more time with the patient.


    This is such a good example of technology working brilliantly to smooth a previously cumbersome, paperwork-heavy pathway, which was prone to failures – very impressed every time I use the app.

    s.12 doctor

    We have been completing statutory forms using the S12 Solutions app, which is not only great to find s.12 approved doctors but enables less mistakes, reduces time driving around collecting papers etc. if waiting for a bed, less disruption for the patient e.g., being interviewed again, it’s more environmentally friendly too. Electronic forms are the future.


    S12 Solutions is the only platform that supports the MHA crisis care pathway from the point of referral for MHA assessment, to discharge from hospital.

    Case for change

    In Spring 2020, S12 Solutions spoke to Site stakeholders and national leads to understand what else could be done to support their Covid-19 response. Electronic statutory MHA forms were the most common request, following a guidance change that allowed professionals to complete and communicate statutory forms electronically, to support remote working arrangements during the pandemic.

    Change made permanent

    In December 2020, this change became permanent; the Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship and Treatment) (England)

    (Amendment) Regulations 2020, allowed statutory forms to be sent and received electronically when managing the admission, detention, assessment or treatment of a person under Part 2 Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA).

    Codesigning the process

    S12 Solutions assembled a national working group of approved mental health professionals (AMHPs), section 12 (s.12) doctors, MHA administrators and a MHA Coordination Lead to codesign Electronic Statutory Forms. The group decided development should begin with the most used admission forms, with authority to convey and post admission following afterwards.

    What makes it different?

    The only digital platform to support the MHA crisis pathway from point of referral for MHA assessment to discharge from hospital

    Provides admission and post admission electronic statutory MHA forms   

    Workflows have been designed to allow doctors with different employment arrangements (Trust, independent), and non s.12 approved doctors without an S12 Solutions account, to complete, sign, edit, securely store and send Statutory Forms

    Electronic signatures comply with EU law

    Users can create and add information to forms while offline, ready to send when they are online again

    No information is saved to devices

    Forms are interoperable with electronic patient record systems

    75% of AMHPs identified legibility of documentation as a key benefit

    71% of AMHPs identified electronic statutory forms as a main platform benefit

    73% of doctors identified electronic statutory forms as a main platform benefit

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