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    Paying Claims

    Process and pay Section 12 Doctors easily online

    Larger doctor network

    Timely payment encourages more doctors to make themselves available for s.12 work, increasing the likelihood of timely MHA assessments 

    Improved productivity

    Staff previously accountable for processing and paying claims have more time to focus on other tasks

    Easier budget management

    Processing claims regularly supports the accountable organisation’s real time cost management

    With the two weeks, that was much quicker in terms of processing the payments. The comments from the external doctors include being pleased they are being paid quicker, the process is easier. There is a cascade effect. If the payment is easier, the workforce is more engaged and this makes it easier for the AMHPs. The other good thing is that training support is ongoing; we have doctors coming in all the time, and you have made sure all doctors new to our area have been fully trained.

    Clinical Operations Business Manager

    Our administrators have more time to do more important work, their productivity has improved. In terms of our finance colleagues, they also have more time for other tasks, because S12 Solutions has already done a lot of the checking in terms of NHS number, section 12 approval, and if we needed additional information, you were able to help us with that, so that’s been very helpful.

    Clinical Operations Business Manager

    Processes and pay section 12 (s.12) doctors’ claims every two weeks with an easy to manage online platform.

    Case for change

    The paper forms used by doctors to claim fees for attending MHA assessments took time to complete and required sensitive patient information to be transferred using non-secure methods. Processing paper forms was also time consuming for claims teams; processors had no easy way to retrieve missing information or identify duplicate submissions; claims sent in bulk, sometimes relating to assessments that took place in the previous financial year, caused problems for budget management.


    System consequences

    Consequently, payments were often delayed or doctors were not paid at all, dissuading doctors in some cases from participating in s.12 work beyond their contracted commitments. Relying on a small network of doctors made it harder for approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) to organise timely assessments, and assemble MHA assessment teams that were the best fit for the person being assessed, in line with the MHA Code of Practice. 

    Payments on Submission

    In response to these problems, S12 Solutions codesigned a process with a mental health trust (trust) that enabled S12 Solutions to pay doctors’ claims, on the trust’s behalf, within two weeks of submission. The S12 Solutions team worked with the trust to introduce policies to support timely submission, and a communications plan to inform doctors about the changes. This process is now available nationwide. 

    What makes it different?

    Using S12 Solutions to pay as well as process claims leads to improvements in productivity, compliance and timely Mental Health Act (MHA) assessment team organisation. 

    S12 doctors complete and submit their claims to S12 Solutions’ administrator via the platform

    The administrator processes the claim according to the accountable organisation’s policies

    Eligible claims are approved and ineligible claims are rejected

    The administrator pays doctors’ approved claims 

    This process is completed every two weeks

    In 2022, almost 130,000 claims worth approximately nineteen million pounds were processed via the platform

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