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    Meet The Team

    VitalHub UK is passionately built and maintained by these lovely folk.

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    At VitalHub UK, we know the most innovative solutions need the most talented people. Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing a variety of perspectives, life experiences and capabilities.

    The team at VitalHub UK is full of great minds and pioneering leaders from healthcare, technology and beyond. Experiences from nurses and clinicians to operational and technical experts, ensures our solutions are implemented with both a deep and objective understanding of the healthcare environment.

    No two clients are the same, which is why we always work to understand your organisation. That means using industry best practice and processes to understand your challenges and how our portfolio can best help address your specific requirements.

    We know failures in communication can lead to an implementation nightmare, but also how effective collaboration can be the start of an enduring partnership. That’s why being open and candid is so important to us. No system is perfect, that’s probably why you’re reading this, so we always address challenges head on. When you work with us, we will be by your side from first discussions, until long after our solutions are implemented. From understanding specific queries, to helping fulfil your healthcare system ambitions, we know it’s ‘teamwork that makes the dream-work’.

    Underpinning everything we do, is the passion of our people. Whether a solution is being implemented in the Middle East or Middlesex, Wales or New South Wales, the patient is always at the heart of what we do.

    VitalHub UK Executives

    Mike Sanders

    Chief Executive Officer

    After a successful career in the Armed Forces, Mike left his rifle and helmet behind to forge a new career in the Healthcare sector. Mike was involved in the creation of Clinically Supportive Patient Flow Technology at its inception has overseen hundreds of digital transformation projects across the globally. Mike now leads VitalHub UK as its Chief Executive Officer.

    Lisa Riley

    Deputy CEO & Vice President of Strategy and Sales

    Lisa is a registered nurse, having started her career over 20 years ago in the acute sector. She spent a number of years working in community care, before moving on to the national Emergency Care Intensive Support Team. Lisa is renowned for having created the nationally recognised Medway Home First Model and now leads in VitalHub UK as Deputy CEO & VP of Strategy and Sales,

    Alistair Frost

    Vice President International

    In his previous role as CEO of the Oak Group, Alistair led the organisation to support over 150 UK Healthcare providers. With more than 25 years' experience in supporting healthcare, Alistair now leads the international business for VitalHub UK, with deployments in the EU, Middle East and Australasia, supporting healthcare systems in their journey to fully integrated care.

    Richard Burt

    Vice President Technology

    Richard is our Vice President Technology.

    Scott Baker

    Managing Director (Hicom)

    Scott is Managing Director (Hicom).

    Scott Parker

    Director of Client Management (Flow)

    Scott is our Director of Client Management & Analytics (Flow).

    Kev Fletcher

    Director of Professional Services

    Kev Fletcher, our Director of Professional Services, started his career in health over 30 years ago as a Combat Medical Technician in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He spent most of the 1990’s based in Wiltshire, Germany and on tour in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. Kev then moved into Patient Advice and Liaison within the NHS and spent the majority of his time on wards in hospitals throughout the UK. For the last 10 years, Kev has predominantly worked within Intouch with Health and now VitalHub UK, responsible for the delivery of the products and operational improvements for Patient Flow. Kev has worked with front line teams, senior managers, and executives to ensure efficiencies and improvements within Outpatient and Ambulatory Care.

    Jude Clarkson

    Director of Client Management (Clinical)

    Jude Clarkson is our Director of Client Management for Clinical Systems and works across our client portfolio for our Diamond (and Twinkle), MyPathway, Synopsis and MCAP solutions. Jude has over 17 years’ experience in supporting NHS organisations to utilise digital tools to improve patient and staff experience. She has led national programmes such as the drive to improve patient safety in the safe use of insulin following a patient safety alert, the national roll out of the Productive series with the NHSIII, and the development and roll out of digital Motor Neurone Disease (MND) pathways to support MND patients and their carers nationwide and in Ireland during the COVID crisis and beyond. Jude also supports trust and system wide adoptions of digital clinical systems such as MyPathway. Jude originally hails from Northern Ireland and she came to us following roles in manufacturing, where she worked in exports worldwide and set up a factory for Toyota, and virtual education specialising in Health & Social Care.

    Katrina Fanneran-Mullins

    Director of Marketing

    Katrina is our Director of Marketing.

    Kieran Slaney

    Director of Sales

    Kieran is our Director of Sales.

    Doug Hopkins

    Director of Business Development

    Doug is our Director of Business Development.

    Cathy Nyaga-Giefing

    Director of Product Management

    Cathy is our Director of Product Management.

    Kris Richards

    Director of Compliance

    Kris is our Director of Compliance.

    Will Rodger

    Director of Operations

    Will is our Director of Operations.

    Sharon Gater

    Vice President of Operations

    Sharon is our Vice president of Operations.

    Kerry Mcintosh

    HR Director

    Kerry is our HR Director.

    Aidan Orton

    Client Manager

    Alex Hall

    Partnership Manager

    Alexander Clarke

    Software Tester

    Ali Butt

    Senior Implementation & Integration Specialist

    Amie Peake

    Project Coordinator

    Amrik Sekhon

    Partnership Manager

    Amy Webster

    Head of Delivery

    Andrew Brockett

    .Net Developer

    Andrew King

    Cloud Development Architect

    Andrew King

    Senior Developer

    Andrew Trunkfield


    Andrew Willetts

    Product Support Manager

    Andy Green

    Senior Software Developer

    Angela Blyth

    Product Owner

    Anthony Bridges

    Sales Consultant

    Arif Hameed

    Product Support Analyst

    Artur Czernikiewicz

    Senior Software Developer

    Ashley Holmes

    Senior Implementation & Integration Specialist

    Ben Davis

    Technical Architect - Clinical

    Ben Fleat

    Sector Lead - Workforce

    Ben Wilton

    Sales Manager

    Bernadette Croft

    Partnership Manager

    Bianca Morey

    Technical Support Specialist

    Blake Sing

    Director of International and Financial Planning and Analysis

    Brian Witthoft

    .Net Developer

    Bridget Elliot


    Carol Platt

    Senior Project Manager

    Cathal Gallagher

    .Net Developer

    Chanice Thomas

    Delivery & Account Manager

    Chantelle Bristow

    Finance Manager

    Chantelle Morrison

    Application Support Technician

    Chesley Aitchison

    Recruitment & HR Coordinator

    Chin Nwaozuzu

    Test Lead

    Chris Baker

    Service Delivery Manager

    Chris Cocker

    Principal Architect

    Chris Cook

    Tech. Lead

    Chris Howell

    Project Manager

    Chris Phillips

    Software Tester

    Christopher Bailey

    Technical Support Specialist

    Claire Basden

    Partnership Manager

    Claire Dowdall

    Partnership Manager

    Colin Garrod

    Group Commercial and Bid Manager

    Damian Sarkari

    Account Manager

    Dave Trueman

    Senior BI Analyst

    David Huggett

    Technical Architect - Workforce

    David Mullett

    Project Manager & Support

    David Murfett

    Account Manager

    David Warburton

    Regional Sales Director

    Denise Williamson


    Diane Collins

    Executive PA

    Dominik Grundhalter

    Technical Support Specialist

    Donavan Ward

    Senior BI Analyst

    Donna Froud

    Human Resources Manager

    Donovan Rens

    Product Support Analyst

    Ed Henighan

    Lead Developer

    Ellen Turner

    Delivery Business Analyst

    Esther Cawkwell

    Project Manager

    Evie Myers

    Account Executive

    Geordie King

    Technical Support Specialist

    Harpreet Burhm

    Project Manager

    Harrison Reeves

    Applications Support Analyst

    Howard Crane

    Project Manager

    Ian Summerlin

    Software Developer

    Izzy Adams

    Support Analyst

    Jack Fuller

    Product Owner

    Jack Quinton

    Software Developer

    Jackie Jefferies

    Finance Manager

    Jacqueline Baker

    Delivery Manager

    James Chase

    Senior Implementation & Integration Specialist

    James Dunning

    Regional Sales Manager

    James Ferris

    Director of Sales

    Jamie Hughes

    Administration and Account Management Support

    Janet Lloyd

    Product Manager

    Jason Bowman

    Senior Sales Consultant

    Jazmin Archer

    Account Manager

    Jean Golbin

    Project Manager

    Jemma Gould

    Project & Support Coordinator

    Jenny Leonard

    Credit Control Support

    Jeremie Kabuya

    Senior Software Developer

    Jessica Kliese

    Sales Manager

    Joe Morris

    Delivery & Account Manager

    John Hoskison

    Front End Developer

    John Wood

    Director of Operations

    Jon Day

    Senior Software Developer

    Jordan Slessor

    Data Analyst

    Joseph Smith

    Delivery Business Analyst

    Julia Lord

    Configuration Manager

    Junior Kabore

    Senior Developer

    Karen Ashley


    Kate Fishburn

    Senior Project Manager

    Kerv Richardson

    UX and Interaction Designer

    Laura Kairaityte

    Product Manager

    Laura Morris

    Account Support Manager

    Lee Copestake

    General Manager

    Lesa Brotherton

    Senior Accountant

    Lev Pankrashchenko

    Senior Developer

    Lia Musson

    Product Support Manager

    Lisa McChrystal

    Project Coordinator

    Lucian Hussey

    Software Implementation Engineer

    Madeline Franks

    Senior Tester (Clinical)


    Software Tester

    Mandeep Sandhu

    Business Development and Marketing Manager

    Mark Baxter

    Operations Manager

    Martin Rooney

    Senior Implementation & Integration Technician

    Mat Horstead

    Product Support Manager

    Matthew Bryant


    Matthew Evans

    Software Engineering Manager

    Michael Freeborn

    SQL Developer

    Michael O'Sullivan

    Senior Implementation & Integration Specialist

    Michael Sunderland


    Milly Bates

    Sales Development Manager

    Molly Young

    Sales Development Manager

    Monique Riffen-McDonald

    Application Support Technician

    Nick Hill

    Senior Partnerships Manager

    Nick Woodhead

    Delivery & Account Manager

    Nigel Chipping

    .Net Developer

    Owen Giffith

    BI Analyst

    Paiwand Kader

    Infrastructure Engineer

    Paul Curtis

    Partnership Manager

    Paul Russo

    Lead Developer

    Pete Beaumont

    Sales Director

    Peter Houweling

    Synopsis Medical Director

    Petra Aralanov

    Software Tester

    Philip Wilton

    Junior Developer

    Rob Field

    Deputy Director Client Services

    Robert Moody

    Test Lead

    Roger Jackson

    Lead Developer

    Rosalita Da Silva

    Product Support Technician

    Ruth Linklater

    Partnership Manager

    Sam Sharpe

    Office Administrator

    Sapna Neelakantaiah

    Product Support Analyst

    Sarah Arshad

    Partnership Manager

    Sebastian Latyszkiewicz

    Delivery & Account Manager

    Shanthy Rahulotchanan

    Senior Net Developer

    Shinky Sharma

    Software Tester

    Shuchi Biala

    Head of Client Accounts

    Simon Bramwell

    Senior Technical Architect

    Sini Mathew

    Software Tester

    Stephen Connolly

    Product Support Analyst

    Sue Carter

    Senior Project Manager

    Syeda Kainat Ishtiaq

    Product Support Specialist

    Tadas Vosylius

    Senior Data Architect Manager

    Tamara Quest

    Product Support Operations Manager

    Tamoor Ahmad

    Development Manager

    Tina Vuqiterna

    Senior Accountant

    Tracey Alford

    Human Resources Manager

    Usman Mahmood

    Senior Software Developer

    Uzma Peeran


    Vickie Stevens

    Senior Partnerships Manager

    Victoria Dand

    Head of Synopsis Partnerships

    William Rodger

    Operations Director

    Yohann Essoki

    Sales Development Manager

    Zac Brailey

    Product Support Manager

    Zak Culasy

    Senior Infrastructure Engineer

    Zoe Simpson

    Delivery & Account Manager

    Zoe Warren

    Operations Manager

    Aurino Correia

    Vice President Development

    Aurino is our Vice President Development.

    Carly Edwards

    Marketing and Communications Manager

    Ruth Jamieson

    Finance Specialist

    Ross Facer

    Ross Facer

    Marketing and Events Manager

    Hugo Vincent

    Marketing Assistant

    Alex Hunt

    Design Coordinator

    Paul Clark

    Senior Partnerships Manager

    Paul Brandwood

    Director of Data and Analytics

    Patrick Mazza

    EVP Performance and Operations

    Liam Wiffen

    Head of Delivery

    Jon Elburn

    Sector Lead - Clinical

    John Sanderson


    Diego Duarte

    Head of Digital Services

    David Moscrop

    Implementation and Integration Manager

    Dave Elliot

    Group Operations Director

    Our People

    Our people include some of the greatest minds, leaders and professionals in healthcare across the globe, enabling us to deliver true innovation. This combination of human intuition with innovative methods ensures that our products and solutions are the only option for many organisations. Passion characterises both our people and our strategies; the patient is at the heart of everything we do.