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    S12 Electronic Claim Forms

    S12 Solutions provides an electronic means of creating, submitting and processing section 12 (s.12) doctors’ claims for MHA assessments.

    GDPR compliant

    Patient information is sent and stored securely using a standardised, GDPR compliant process

    Larger doctor network

    Doctors are more likely to take on s.12 work, and have the confidence to work beyond regional boundaries, increasing the likelihood of timely MHA assessments 

    Increased productivity

    Processors have more time to focus on other tasks

    Improved budget management

    Budget issues associated with bulk submissions are removed

    Environmental benefits

    Digitising the process supports ‘Delivering a net zero NHS’ ambitions 

    This is fabulous! I’ve just submitted my first claim on here! So easy! This is life changing! (sounds extreme but it makes such a difference to our busy lives).

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    The S12 Solutions app has been a brilliant innovation. As a doctor I can put my availability on it so I no longer get calls on days when I have chosen not to work and it seems to make life much easier for the AMHPs to find me when I am working. There is no longer the headache of filling out paperwork for claims and I just put in my mileage and press the submit for processing button. The app is extremely easy to use and the team behind it have responded to suggestions and incorporated them quickly so the app has improved over time and the team are also very prompt and helpful in responding to any queries. This is an innovation whose time has come.

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    I have found the processing of these claim much easier from my point of view. When a doctor has not been set up to pay I can contact them directly and receive the payment information almost immediately, which enables these doctors to be paid much quicker. Also I do not get the backlog of payments from doctors. Sometimes I could receive claims from previous years. I now find these claims are almost completely up to date, I very rarely get a claim from a previous month. I also find being able to export a report makes the claim process much quicker and easier.

    Claims processor

    Standardised, GDPR compliant claim form process for Section 12 doctors

    Case for change

    In some cases, Section 12 doctors can claim a fee for attending MHA assessments, but the manual process used to make the claim often causes problems. Paper forms containing comprehensive sensitive patient information were shared using non-secure methods and handled by multiple people. Issues such as regional process variance, incomplete or illegible information, and bulk submissions, meant paper forms could take a long time to process or were not processed at all. Doctors did not always know where to send claims or how to resolve slow or missing payments.

    System consequences

    In many cases, these problems discouraged doctors from taking on additional s.12 work, reducing the network of doctors available to approved mental health professionals (AMHPs); relying on a small pool of known doctors made it harder to organise timely assessments and assemble s.12 doctors with the best-fit experience for the person being assessed, in line with the MHA Code of Practice. 

    A secure, standardised process

    S12 Solutions addresses these issues by enabling doctors to submit electronic claims, directly to the paying organisation, and follow the progress of their claims in their Claims Dashboard. GDPR compliant information is transferred securely, and processing and budget management are more efficient for claims and finance teams. 

    What makes it different?

    The only solution to all S12 Doctors to submit electronic claims

    AMHPs create claims and answer up to three questions in line with NHS England’s Who Pays guidance, to determine which organisation is responsible for paying the claim

    Doctors complete their claims and submit to the paying organisation(s) for processing

    Doctors can see which organisation(s) are processing and paying their claims

    Processors review and process claims 

    Doctors can also see whether their claims are under review, approved, rejected or paid

    3.5hrs saved per 50 claims processed

    92% of Drs paid faster

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