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    MyPathway Patient App

    The MyPathway Patient App delivers a personalised, digital interaction between patients and clinicians, placing patients at the centre of their healthcare journey.

    Why MyPathway Patient App?

    Reduce DNA rate

    Reduce DNA (Did Not Attend) rate by providing patients with correct, up to date information

    Increase patient engagement

    Patients feel more informed about their healthcare by being involved in their care pathway

    Educate patients

    Provide patients with consistent distribution and access to approved and personalised self-care resources

    Reduce Waiting Lists

    Contact large cohorts of patients instantly to identify if patients still need appointments / to remain on waiting lists  

    Support NHS Net Zero targets

    Reduce the environmental and financial impact of paper processes and reduce unnecessary travel for patients

    Improve communication channels

    Provide patients with regular and bespoke messaging / notifications to keep patients informed 

    Reduce unnecessary appointments

    Provide patients with access to more information and contact with their care team remotely, supporting a reduction in unnecessary hospital appointments

    Extending the use of MyPathway trust-wide will help us better support patients with long-term conditions much more proactively to manage their care than via face-to-face appointments alone. They can also undertake remote monitoring of patients and deliver flexible and timely communications to patients directly via the dashboard.

    Vicki Gannon – Project Manager

    Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    The MyPathway Patient App empowers patients to be more engaged in their own care, improving patient interactions with effective communication in both short and long-term care pathways.

    Increase patient engagement

    The award-winning MyPathway Patient App is a device-agnostic secure Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) that provides a digital channel to connect patients to their care team. Increasing engagement by communicating with patients faster and involving them in their care pathways, the patient app is often used to improve patient interactions during treatment for long-term conditions, in areas including chronic pain, musculoskeletal, motor neurone disease and rheumatological conditions. The MyPathway Patient App is also used throughout the NHS to support effective communications in shorter pathways (shorter-term conditions), such as physiotherapy or orthopaedic surgery, releasing clinical time and improving the patient experience.


    Activate and empower patients

    Patients can submit key readings from the comfort of their home (e.g., oxygen levels, blood pressure or blood sugar levels) using the app, providing their care team with live data to monitor their condition. Patients can be sent automated reminders to submit readings at regular intervals. With access to a greater volume of data than a face-to-face appointment schedule would allow, the care team can monitor trends and adjust the patient’s care package accordingly, far quicker than previously possible. By sending clinicians key readings and other information remotely, patients enjoy greater convenience over accessing care due to the reduction in attending hospital for unnecessary appointments.

    Reduce hospital attendances

    The app delivers a range of personalised digital interactions, including automated and bespoke messaging, digital questionnaires and digital letters, pre-populated and bespoke educational materials, and appointment booking (PIFU) and reminders. MyPathway’s Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) provides patients with the opportunity to initiate their own appointments as and when they to. Regular hospital follow-up appointments are often unnecessary for many patients and can put a preventable strain on an already stretched NHS backlog. Digital PIFU helps and empowers patients to initiate their appointments as needed and reduce waiting lists.

    What makes MyPathway Patient App different?

    The MyPathway Patient App is a secure patient engagement portal that provides a digital communication channel to connect patients to their care team. The app delivers a range of personalised digital interactions, including:

    automated and bespoke messaging (create a library of pre-defined standard messages to maximise efficiency)

    digital questionnaires (including PROM Health questionnaires, PREM Service Experience, Wellbeing questionnaires and risk assessments)

    digital letters (enable patients to receive, view and download their hospital letters instantly. Patients who prefer paper letters can still receive their letters by post)

    pre-populated and bespoke educational materials (including exercises, care, discharge plans, operation information, medication guidance, equipment user guides)

    appointment booking (PIFU) and reminders

    Patients can also submit readings (e.g. oxygen levels, blood pressure or blood sugar levels), providing the care team with far more data to track their condition than a physical appointment schedule allows. 

    With access to a greater volume of data, the care team can make adjustments to the patient’s care package far quicker and easier than previously possible.

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    The app is device agonistic, compatible on Android and Apple devices as well as most web browsers. 

    Enable patients to submit key readings to their care team (e.g., oxygen levels, blood pressure or blood sugar levels)

    Send patients pre-populated automated messages and bespoke messages. 

    Digitise any paper-based questionnaire or letters

    Share standardised digital information leaflets and bespoke education materials 

    Support Patient Initiated Follow-Up requests (PIFU) and send automated appointment reminder notifications

    Used by over 1.8m patients across the NHS

    DNA rate of just 1.7% recorded for a virtual appointment pathway

    73% of patients triaged to video pathways went on to self-manage their care

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