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    Patient Tracking Lists

    A real-time solution to plan and resource clinical services to match fluctuations in patient flow, with patient tracking lists to monitor patient journeys from any point of entry through to discharge.

    Why PTLs?

    Overarching Benefits

    • Creates the visibility required for better management of patient flow and the reduction of blockages.
    • RTT (Referal to Treatment) assists in meeting 18-week targets and validation
    • Real-time information to support live services
    • Accessible to operational teams
    • Flexibile Configurable to user needs
    • Agility. Iterative and responsive
    • Intuitive. At a glance information


    • Pathways at a glance. Complete service overview
    • Automatic reporting feed removes the manual burden 
    • User-led functionality. Built to AStPH specification
    • Provides access at a number of different levels i.e. ADO/ GM to SM/ ASM

    Emergency Department PTL

    • Built around the Urgent care professional standards 
    • Visual prompts
    • Specific functionality e.g. plans and bed allocation

    Inpatient PTL

    • Single source of truth
    • Updated via board rounds
    • 4 views in adult social care
    • E-forms
    • EDDs to be launched post Cerner


    • D2A / discharge planning (Inpatient PTL)
    • Ward PTLs specific for specialities
    • Diagnostic PTL including all aspects of the DM01
    • Use with virtual workers for back office functions
    • Pre-populate on CWT pathways

    After six months the Patient Tracking List is now a way of life on the wards and we couldn’t live without it

    Daphne Leister, Head of IT Projects

    EPSOM and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

    The Digital Ward Board gives nurses and managers an easy-to-use, representation of the ward. It helps us understand the needs of every patient without checking lots of paperwork or calling a meeting

    Elisa Steel, Head of Nursing, Digital Programmes

    East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust

    Plan and resource clinical services

    BEAUTIFUL INFORMATION (BI) offers real-time operational data to NHS trusts to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow. BI’s Patient Tracking List data monitors the patient journey from admission through to discharge. Our strategy is to elevate Information Management above Information Technology, so the choice of products from the market does not determine how or what information is collected, analysed and used to make decisions.


    Patient Tracking from any point of entry

    Developed and tested in live hospital settings, BI’s Patient Tracking Lists offer a clear view of real-time information which can be shared locally and regionally. The system employs a clients existing Patient Level data and exports it to our Patient Tracking List Data, which is then made visible on an electronic whiteboard or desktop to display the tracking steps of every patient within the organisation. This could be from attendance in ED through to admission and discharge or RTT and cancer.

    Optimise patient flow

    BI’s Patient Tracking Lists providing the means to enhance patient flow and address bottlenecks inhibiting transfers through to discharge. PTL’s provide a single version of the truth, using real-time patient level data from multiple systems in any ward or service, staff have a centralised source for decision making. BI’s PTL’s can also be accessed through the Shrewd platform, allowing for users to drill down to patient-level detail in real-time.

    What makes Patient Tracking Lists different?

    Real-time information to support live services and patient pathways at a glance, creating the visibility required for better management of patient flow and the reduction of blockages.

    Monitors patients during their patient journey, from attendance through to discharge.

    Provides a real-time view of patient level data from multiple systems in any ward.

    Hosted locally and accessible to anyone on any web device on local network.

    Designed to be used on whiteboards in operational locations.

    Can be linked to performance tracking web applications.

    The system is bespoke, allowing for configuration to client specification.

    Functions in conjunction with PAS

    Can display OPEL status

    Works across ED, InPatient’s and Community

    The Numbers

    Over 2000 active PTL users

    Over 10,000 patients tracked per year

    Deployed across over 50 NHS organisations

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