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    Simplify data viewing

    Simple view of real-time regional pressure

    Standardise regional reports

    Reports are created to a standardised format

    Make reports easier to consumer

    Reduce the administrative burden for the reporting end user

    Automate reporting

    Generate Scheduled, consistent and timely onward reporting

    Collect data for valuable insight

    Derive more data driven information for better analysis and comparison

    Reduce administrative burden

    Less interruption to operational activity to manually gather operational data

    “Our team have been using SHREWD since its launch and it has significantly reduced the amount of work for them. SHREWD Region has taken away the administrative complication for my team and the CCGs. Everyone has commented on how simple and easy the system is to use, especially when collating the 8 LAEDB system reports”.

    Operations and Delivery Manager, Assurance and Delivery Directorate, NHS England – South

    A regional view of OPEL pressure in urgent and emergency care and daily reporting functionality.

    SHREWD Region provides a simple, map-view of real-time pressure across a large geographical area, spanning multiple systems, trusts and providers along 

    Regional Map view of OPEL status

    SHREWD Region provides a central view of real-time pressure across a large geographical area, spanning multiple systems, trusts and providers. The simple, BRAG rated heat map is intuitive and user-friendly, demonstrating and at-a-glance view of current system OPEL status. Users can then click on to specific areas to drill down into more detailed information about the system status, using a number of different data indicators as defined by the needs of the user.

    Automated regional reporting

    The dashboard view displays real-time urgent and emergency care data from each specific area, automated directly from the provider. SHREWD Region’s reporting function also facilitates daily winter returns and in-year escalation reporting, which can be automated with ease, displaying data in real time. This regional report automatically updates data from providers, in which narrative can be added as required, and is submitted to regional teams daily, saving valuable admin time for local and regional teams.

    Highly Configurable

    SHREWD Region is highly configurable, ensuring that changing the data displayed and utilised for reports is quick and easy. REGION ensures reports are automated, removing the need for multiple administrative platforms and staff time compiling data, as well as improving operational flow and management consistency across all regional providers.

    What makes Region different?

    Works across smartphone or tablet

    Automates daily and winter reporting

    Holds the communication trail within the system

    Efficiently works with Sitrep reporting and OPEL indicators

    Utilises real-time data from all regional providers

    At a glance view within seconds, and easily drill down for further detail

    Facilitates requests for further information, directly and immediately