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    Over 300,000 assessments completed in Synopsis

    Synopsis reaches milestone 300,000 pre-operative assessments

    Synopsis is proud to reach a new milestone, with over 300,000 pre-operative assessments now completed using Synopsis iQ.

    Working with over 40+ Trusts, Synopsis is streamlining the pre-operative journey for patients and clinicians, assisting trusts in their ongoing challenge to tackle the elective backlog.

    Since 2000, Synopsis has been creating bespoke solutions that eliminate the need for time-consuming paper-based pre-operative assessment methods, which reduces the activity time for pre-operative assessments and releases time for clinicians to identify and attend to patients at high risk of being unfit for their surgery.

    Synopsis integrates with hospital Patient Administration Systems (PAS), resulting in disparate information that would otherwise be stored and updated in different locations –now being available in a single digital location. This “connecting up” of data reduces the administrative burden for staff and creates a more streamlined journey for patients.

    Synopsis Home provides the means for patients to complete their initial preoperative questionnaire at home, which reduces the need for in-person hospital appointments. We find approximately 45% of patients are ASA 1 – which means the follow-up appointments, ordinarily completed with a face-to-face meeting with a clinician, can instead be conducted through a 15-minute telephone consultation. After the deployment of Synopsis Home, one NHS trust recorded a 47% productivity saving – the result of which was a doubling of POA capacity; In another NHS trust, the POA capacity has increased by 7,000 patients.

    With the use of 250 tailored algorithms, Synopsis generates outcomes during a full risk assessment to produce a collection of published clinical scores, including ASA, STOP-BANG and P-POSSUM among others. Synopsis generates calculated cardiac risk, lung risk levels and a mortality score.