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    Using Real-Time Data to Create an Exemplar Operational Control Centre in Kent & Medway

    Utilising existing solutions to meet the criteria for system coordination centres.

    The Kent & Medway ICB Operational Control Centre (OCC) concept was developed as part of the NHSE winter planning for the 22/23 SCC objective of optimising flow through rigorous operational oversight and response.

    The primary aim was to enable clinical staff to proactively respond to flow pressures in the UEC pathway. Kent & Medway ICB worked closely with SHREWD to ensure they could monitor areas of surge in real-time, to enable the system to protect and support vulnerable sites, and patient care, by working collaboratively with all system providers.

    The Challenge

    The Power of Consistency – consistency in operations is of utmost importance to Kent & Medway ICB in the delivery of UEC pathways, especially under such pressure and with the added complexity of seasonal virus and the co-recovery of elective and cancer pathways, and so this was at the forefront of the project initiative.

    Ascertaining the operational picture in real-time was a key ambition of the OCC team, with a core aim to create a clear and centralised visualisation of flow data.

    Lead by Paul Mohibar and Lee Martin of K&M ICB, together with the SHREWD team, the project was developed from the existing deployment of key digital solutions, including SHREWD Resilience. SHREWD Resilience has been built with local clinical teams and managers to reflect the demand in their own pathways, and further BRAG rated to reflect the incremental risk from flow pressures…

    The Solution

    SHREWD Resilience, was established to solve challenges associated with how to capture and transform health data from a wide range of sources, across multiple providers, to create a centralised source of truth.

    A cloud-based, data visualisation tool, SHREWD takes complex digitised data from all providers within the health economy, from acute and community providers to ambulance and primary care, and creates instant, whole-system visibility of escalating pressure and potential impact on services. SHREWD enables all users, whether strategic execs or front-line teams, to recognise early warnings in and around the wider infrastructure, to better inform them of what is going on, as it happens…


    Instant whole-system visibility

    Automated real-time data

    Greater operational efficiency across an entire region

    Users alerted to situational changes


    A live operational management platform that provides instant visibility of whole-system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care for patients.

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