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    Patient Flow

    Improving Booking Management at Kingston Hospital

    How implementing BookWise Solutions at Kingston Hospital has Improved the patient experience

    With BookWise software, the unit now has an internal system that includes dynamic patient data that can be updated following every appointment. The software has increased quality assurance for the department, with no room for human error when scheduling room bookings.

    The Challenge

    The HDU at KHFT is a small unit of four experienced nurses supported by a receptionist. Previously the coordination of treatment was largely organised through a paper diary that was managed by clinical staff. As patient numbers grew this task became increasingly time consuming and complex. The inability to coordinate chair usage and nurse availability effectively created long waiting times for patients once they had arrived in the HDU for treatment…

    The Solution

    BookWise Duo was chosen because of its ability to schedule patient appointments and allocate nurse time in a standardised and efficient way. With this technology the nurses who were previously making the bookings were freed of the non-clinical yet time consuming task. A unique element of the software was also its functionality for calculating nurse working hours too; something which is complex, with lots of variability due to each patient’s specific treatment cycle. This would be difficult, if not impossible, without technology.

    Prior to investing in BookWise Duo for the HDU, other BookWise software had been used successfully in the Trust’s Outpatient department and Education Centre for some time, giving confidence in BookWise’s products and approach, which led to the purchase of Duo


    Reduced room booking error

    More precise time allocations

    Reduced administrative burden

    Greater insight into room utilisation


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