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    MyPathway Helps to Manage the Waiting List for MSK department

    How MyPathway's virtual clinic helps to identify high risk patients and patients who no longer want an appointment so that staff can better manage the MSK waiting list.

    The Challenge

    During the peak of COVID-19, hospitals stopped all non-urgent procedures. As a result of this, thousands of patients in the MSK department in a trust were added to a waiting list. The trust wanted to contact their patients to identify those that were at risk, likely to have a worse outcome or need more support. The trust had a large cohort of patients they needed to contact, but were unsure how to achieve this in a timely and cost effective manner.

    The Solution

    Patients were contacted via email or SMS to “Let us know if you no-longer require an appointment” and were encouraged to register for MyPathway to manage their waiting time. Reminder SMS were sent after 3 days if no response via MyPathway, then a letter was sent after 5 days if no response (the letter included a pre-paid return envelope as letters required patient to return a paper copy of their response).

    Once registered, patients were sent out an initial message informing them that they will be contacted soon and directed towards self-help resources whilst they waited to be contacted. They were then sent a questionnaire of whether they would still like their appointment and asked if they felt better/the same/worse, so that patients could be re-prioritised…


    Reduced clinical and operational administration

    Improved patient communication and engagement

    Reduced DNS rates

    Enhanced decision-making


    A secure clinical pathway management platform connecting patients, carers, and clinicians.

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