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    VitalHub UK is a leading health-tech company, combining 9 of the UK’s leading digital health brands, with a collective of over 160 years of experience in collaborating with the NHS, to co-design, develop and deploy expert patient flow solutions. We work with the NHS to improve care services, achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, and enable more coordinated, continuous, and ultimately safer care for patients.


    We believe in the power of implementing digital change through collaboration, empowering the NHS to co-design and develop our suite of solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to pioneer new and innovative technologies to solve the ever-changing challenges faced in healthcare.


    We strive to create solutions that meet the needs of the NHS by enabling cross-provider integration to create a single version of the truth. We aim to fundamentally improve patient flow and clinical outcomes whilst enhancing the experience for staff on the ground.


    We aspire to accelerate the delivery of digital transformation at scale, supporting healthcare organisations to transform the way they capture, interpret and analyse data to improve patient flow and better coordinate patient care services across all areas of care.

    Demand & Capacity Visibility

    A live operational management platform that provides instant visibility of whole system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care.

    Outpatient Flow

    A holistic platform for elective services, supporting hospitals to manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner.

    Pre-operative assessment

    A digital pre-operative assessment platform for elective surgery, reducing risk and optimising patient throughput to theatre.

    Reporting & Analytics Platform

    A specialist solution to collate and review healthcare performance information, supporting health and social care teams to deliver safer patient care.

    Patient Tracking Lists

    A unique real-time solution to help plan and resource clinical services and meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow, including patient tracking lists to monitorpatient.

    Clinical Decision Support

    A clinical decision support solution that optimises the delivery of patient-centred medical, surgical, and mental-health care.

    Mental Health Crisis Platform

    A platform that supports the mental health crisis pathway, from point of referral for Mental Health Act assessment, to admission to hospital.

    Clinical Pathway Management

    A patient engagement portal that provides a digital communication channel to connect patients, carers and healthcare providers.

    Diabetes Care Management

    Digital systems to improve patient and clinical care, health & safety, workforce and compliance management and specialist recruitment.

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    years of collective experience in collaborating with the NHS

    We have instant early warnings of operational bottle necks and incoming surges, warnings that are displayed on screens in A&E, in the site office, in the CCG office, in community provider offices, and on our smart phones. We glance at them waiting to react with our already worked through plans when things change, when segments go red and black and sometimes when they go yellow.

    Deputy Managing Director

    Clinical Commissioning Group

    Our staff benefit from being able to plan a patient’s appointment in advance, creating pre-planned workstreams via Activity Manager, to ensure their time with us is efficient and stress-free as possible. We’re pleased to replicate the digital patient flow pathways currently used at Poole to Bournemouth and Christchurch, which will provide greater consistency in our processes, as well as additional system integration benefits.

    Michele Roberts, Directorate Manager

    Outpatient Department, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

    Synopsis has helped us reduce unnecessary communication between teams by making each patient’s pathway visible to all relevant staff via the central digital dashboard that integrates fully with our PAS, EPR and theatre scheduling systems. All MDT communications and documentations can happen within the Synopsis dashboard, meaning our pre-assessments are completely visible, transparent, and accessible to all members of our pre-operative assessment teams, at any time, across the trust.

    Sarah Gold, Head of Quality Assurance

    Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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    The christie NHS
    Oxfordshire NHS
    Royal free london NHS
    Somerset NHS
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